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Bird Art on Wood – White Crested Shrike

Bird Art on Wood – White Crested Shrike




About the Bird Art:

The image is printed on Epson Premium Matte Paper with UltraChrome Ink; the color should last quite a long time. The print is then mounted on a cradled wood block and coated with a UV resistant protectant to prevent fading. Each block is signed and numbered on the back (the edition # you receive will vary).Ready to hang from a sawtooth hanger attached to the back. Watermarks will not appear on print.

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Bird Art

4" x 4": $44, 6" x 6": $55


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This listing is for a limited edition, fine art print of my original bird painting called “Oh Yeah, I’m the Weird One.”

Yes, this is an actual bird. They live in Africa. Pretty crazy looking, huh?

About the bird

From our friends at Sabi Sabi

White-crested Helmet-shrikes are common residents on the reserve and are often seen moving around and hunting in family groups. Their most common food sources are moths and caterpillars but they will eat other invertebrates given the chance. During the summer months they feed mainly in the trees, dropping to the ground to feed in the winter.

White-crested Helmet-shrikes are cooperative breeders, meaning that they have an Alpha pair in the group that bonds for life. This bond is maintained by the pair “allopreening” (grooming one another). The Alpha pair has the responsibility of selecting their nesting site, but all members of their flock do the actual construction of the nest. Bits of bark are stripped off trees and bound together by spider webs. The design of the bird now comes into play with a tuft of feathers on the forehead above the beak, (hence the name Helmet-shrike) enabling it to fly through and pick up spider webs for the purpose of construction.