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Breach – Original Whale Photo Mounted On Wood

Breach – Original Whale Photo Mounted On Wood

The photo:

Limited edition of 500. 11″ x 14″ archival photo mounted on a cradled wood panel, ready to hang. Printed on matte paper, the color is rich. Coated with a UV spray for extra sun protection. Click the image to see the full photo. Watermark does not appear on your print.

The story:

I took this photo down in Mexico. I was on a surf trip with a bunch of lovely women. We went whale watching… it was quiet for a moment, but the captain of our tiny little boat spotted a mom and calf humpback. We carefully followed them along for awhile. They teased us by frequently coming up for air. We were all hoping to see them breach. I offered to the group, “Let’s all ask them for a double breach… wouldn’t that be amazing?” I think we all had silent conversations with the whales.

A few more minutes went by with no sign of them. But then, in a moment that was so awe-inspiring that there really aren’t words for it, mom and baby emerged in a fantastic double breach that left us all squealing and crying with delight. I spazzed out and nearly dropped my camera, but managed to catch the mom in her glorious moment. They were too close to the boat for me to catch the both of them.

And a little something wonderful:

At any rate, here is one of the images that I am thrilled to be able to share. I was so deeply touched by my experience that I’m donating a healthy portion of the sales of this print to one of these three charities. You get to choose which charity your purchase goes toward by listing your preference in the comments section during checkout.

Your choices (ratings by Charity Navigator):

Blue Ocean Institute

On its website the Blue Ocean Institute calls itself the only organization that uses science, art, and literature to inspire closer bonds with nature. Focusing on sustainable seafood, climate change, and advocacy this marine conservation organization has excellent fundraising efficiency. The Blue Ocean Institute spends only 4 cents for every $1 it raises. (4 stars)

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS)

This international marine wildlife conservation organization uses direct-action tactics to confront illegal activities on the high seas. Assuming a law enforcement role means Sea Shepherd fleets directly confront whalers and illegal poachers along with their advocacy programs. Roughly 79% of their funds go directly to conservation programs. (4 stars)


This marine conservation organization lays claim to being the “largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation”. Their policy-oriented campaigns focus on wide ranging issues including pollution, wildlife protection, responsible fishing, climate change, and habitat protection. Over 80% of their funds go directly to their programs. (4 stars)