A Bit About Me – Artist Statement and Biography

A bit about Maggie

Maggie Hurley

Sprinkling the world with whimsy, one wacky creation at a time.

Maggie Hurley is a Southern California native now living and creating in the San Francisco Bay Area. From teaching herself to paint as a child, to studying at Laguna College of Art + Design, Hurley has imagined, created, and crafted for the majority of her life.

A steady theme in Hurley’s art is her deep connection to the natural world, which she explores in her whimsical, dream­like, and often playfully curious characters and creatures. Even her endearing portrait work captures the organic joy and innocence of childhood or the playfulness of beloved pets.

Hurley’s love of nature, wildlife, and conservation started at a young age­­ she lived next door to a wildlife rescue center and grew up in and around the Pacific Ocean ­­ this love has continued to inspire her work.

She hopes to inspire people to feel hopeful and activated to do good in the world. In an effort to make art that is a catalyst for change, Hurley believes in giving back a portion of her proceeds to important organizations that help make the world a better place.

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