Payment Plans

I’m happy to work with you on a payment plan to help you bring home a piece of art you love.  A 25% installment of the total cost of the painting must be paid upfront. This reserves the artwork for you and takes it off the market.

Simple steps:

  • Email me with a link to the painting you’d like to purchase along with your ideal payment terms. We’ll work together to determine a payment plan that works with your budget. I’ll send you an invoice for the first installment.
  • Pay your agreed-to monthly installments by credit card or Paypal.
  • Once fully paid, your painting will be shipped for you to enjoy!




You pay me the first 25% installment followed by the agreed-to additional monthly installments on the item you’ve selected. I’ll hold the artwork until the balance is paid in full. Once you’ve paid the down payment, I’ll mark the work sold on my website. I won’t ship the art until the balance due is paid in full. You have no more than 6 months to complete the payments, though you can pay sooner. Payment plans are not available for commissions.



As a courtesy to my valued customers, I don’t charge interest for art through the agreed payment plan. Please note, if you’re paying by credit card, you will be responsible for whatever interest rate your credit card company charges.



Payments are collected via Paypal or Square. You’ll receive monthly invoices with a link to send a payment for the amount due that month. Once you make the initial installment, you are agreeing to the terms on this page, so please read everything.


The Payment Plan you agree to is a binding contract but, it can be a flexible contract. I understand situations may arise that change your ability to pay. You can always make larger payments to get your artwork sooner, or, if you run into unexpected circumstances, contact me to arrange for a longer period.


If you have initiated a payment plan and for some reason, after having made one or more payments, wish to cancel further payments and receive a refund on payments already made, you may do so, with the following conditions:

1. You must notify me immediately so that I can put the art back on the market.

2. You’ll be charged a 25% fee (the first installment) of the total price of the artwork, as a service fee and compensation for having kept the art off the market for that period of time. Time often plays a role in the sale of a work.


If you can’t make a monthly payment, please let me know as quickly as possible.

If I do not receive any payment or communication from you for 60 consecutive days, you will be in default, and the payment plan will be terminated.

The reserved artwork will go back on the market, and you will forfeit whatever payments you have already made.

AGAIN: When you fail to make payments or communicate with me for a period of 60 days or longer, the art will not be yours, and no refunds will be given.