Anna’s Hummingbird – Bird Art Print on Wood

Anna’s Hummingbird – Bird Art Print on Wood


About the Bird Art:

The image is printed on Epson Premium Matte Paper with UltraChrome Ink; the color should last quite a long time. The print is then mounted on a cradled wood block and coated with a UV resistant protectant to prevent fading. Each block is signed on the back. Ready to hang from a sawtooth hanger attached to the back. Watermarks will not appear on print. Color may vary (based on your monitor settings).

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Bird Art

4" x 4": $48, 6" x 6": $55


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This listing is for a limited edition, fine art print of my original painting of an Anna’s Hummingbird called, “Oh What a Life”

There are a number of Anna’s Hummingbirds around my house that spend time sipping nectar out of a number of flowers in my garden. They’re awfully cute little creatures. They are mighty, territorial birds; don’t let their tiny size fool you.

Bird in a Box subscribers: this is the bird for October 2017.

About the Bird

From our Friends at the Audubon Society:

This hardy little bird is a permanent resident along our Pacific Coast, staying through the winter in many areas where no other hummingbirds are present. More vocal than most hummingbirds, males have a buzzy song, often given while perched. In recent decades the species has expanded its range, probably helped along by flowers and feeders in suburban gardens; it now nests north to British Columbia and east to Arizona.

Conservation status Since the 1950s, has expanded its breeding range both north and east. Very common in much of its range, adapting well to suburban areas.
Family Hummingbirds
Habitat Gardens, chaparral, open woods. Found in a wide variety of habitats within its range, including streamside groves, chaparral, open oak woodland, coastal sage scrub, gardens, city parks. Most common in lowlands and lower mountain slopes, but may wander to high mountain meadows in late summer.