Bird on Wood – American Kestrel

Bird on Wood – American Kestrel


The image is printed on Epson Premium Matte Paper with UltraChrome Ink; the color should last quite a long time. The print is then mounted on a cradled wood block and coated with a UV resistant protectant to prevent fading. Each block is signed and numbered on the back (the edition # you receive will vary).Ready to hang from a sawtooth hanger attached to the back. Watermarks will not appear on print.

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4" x 4": $48, 6" x 6": $55


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This listing is for a limited edition, fine art print of my original bird painting called, “We Are More.”

This raptor may have her fierce moments, but she has just as many hopeful, vulnerable moments.

About the bird:

From our friends at Audubon

Conservation status Counts of migrants suggest declining numbers in the northeast in recent years, but numbers elsewhere still healthy. Providing of nest boxes has helped populations in some areas.
Family Falcons
Habitat Open country, farmland, cities, wood edges. Inhabits any kind of open or semi-open situation, from forest clearings to farmland to desert, wherever it can find adequate prey and some raised perches. In breeding season, may be limited to habitats that also provide appropriate nesting sites. In winter, females may tend to be found in more open habitats than males.
Our smallest falcon, the kestrel is also the most familiar and widespread in North America. In open country it is commonly seen perched on roadside wires, or hovering low over a field on rapidly beating wings, waiting to pounce on a grasshopper. Kestrels nest in cavities in trees; in places where there are few large dead snags to provide nest sites, they may rely on nesting boxes put up for them by conservationists.