I'm taking the month of December off in remembrance of my mom. Orders placed on or after December 1st will be filled in January of 2023. Thank you for your understanding.

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Original Bird Painting – Killdeer

Original Bird Painting – Killdeer


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About the Bird Art:

This listing is for an original painting.

Oil on Birch Wood panel

6″ x 6″

Sawtooth on the back, so this is ready to hang.

This listing is for my original oil painting of a Killdeer

These cute birds can be found throughout North America. They’re one shorebird you can find without having to head all the way to the beach.

Fun fact: The Killdeer is most well known for its broken-wing act that leads predators away from a nest. Unfortunately, this doesn’t keep cows or horses from stepping on eggs (since they nest on the ground). To guard against large hoofed animals, the Killdeer takes a different approach, fluffing itself up, displaying its tail over its head, and running at the beast to attempt to make it change its path.