Costa Rica or Bust!

I am so excited, I kind of feel like I’m about to burst! As you probably have noticed, nature plays an important role in my art; whether I’m painting a bird, or a flower, or a robot hidden amongst dandelions, the world of flora and fauna is where I find my inspiration. I have a really wonderful opportunity to spend some time amongst the birds and beasts of Costa Rica this August. A friend has graciously provided me with a really beautiful and inspiring place to call home for the duration of my visit, but as you can imagine, being a full time artist doesn’t leave much in the budget for travel.

So to help fund my trip, I put together a kickstarter fundraiser page: Basically, I’m offering art that I create while on my trip in exchange for your help in covering some costs associated with the trip. If you even have just $5 to spare, I’ll send you a print of one of my paintings from the trip. I’ll also be offering the original paintings and a book that I’ll make when they’re all finished. Please take a moment to check out my above linked kickstarter page to get all the gritty details about where I’ll be headed, and to see the goofy video I made to tell you more!

 If you know of someone else, or many someone elses that might be interested in participating in such an endeavor, please feel free to pass this info along.

Thank you in advance for your time and support – it really means a lot!


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