$5 Art? Yes, please!

Hello, hello!

I posted a couple weeks ago about an amazing opportunity I have to take my paints and brushes to Costa Rica to paint up a storm. I’m down to 9 days to fund my painting trip, and I need your help. If you’ve already contributed, thank you so much. I promise you a wonderful piece of art in return! If you would be so kind as to pass my message along to others who might be interested, I would be deeply appreciative!

Monkeying around in Costa Rica

If you’ve been waiting, here’s your chance! If you back my project with just $5, I’ll send you a print of one of my paintings of the creatures I meet on my trip. Original paintings are available for pledges of $100 or more. I’ll also be sending out books of the art created during my trip. To find out more and make a pledge, click here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/maggiehurley/costa-rica-birds-and-monkeys-and-maggie-oh-my

Thank you in advance for your time and support – it really means a lot!


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