Upcoming Show of New Seascapes


Forces of Nature


Show Dates: March 8 – April 18
Artist Reception: March 15, 6 – 9pm

Maggie Hurley and Joanna Ruckman, resident artists at Fourth Street Fine Art Gallery, present new works. These two young women present paintings (Maggie) and multimedia prints (Joanna) on the subject of two of natures most calming and powerful forces: ocean waves and trees. These young women express their unique artistry as well as their responsibility as global citizens. In an effort to give back, each artist is donating a healthy portion of profits to the Surfrider Foundation and the Ocean Foundation.

Join us to celebrate their work and a good cause! Facebook event page.

The Artists

PictureMaggie Hurley

“I have always had an intense love of our oceans. From the Pacific to the Mediterranean, I find the sea is calming and restorative. With news reports warning of the impending extinction of the salt water fish, the nuclear disaster in Japan, and the growing trove of garbage amassing on the surface of the water, in addition to the bellies of sea life, I’ve decided to try and give back to a part of our world that is so dear to me. My latest paintings celebrate the waves, ripples, and reflections of the water.”


PictureJoanna Ruckman

“I strive to create work that celebrates nature, culture, and the human experience. In this series I explore the vast subject of trees. Living in the beautiful Bay Area we have the luxury of straddling the urban and natural worlds. Where buildings rise into the sky, once were only trees. I explore the interaction between trees living in urban landscapes with their man-made counterparts as well as trees’ beautiful lines and silhouettes. Trees are like people if they stood still and silent.”