Children’s portrait: It’s not done yet!

A Sneak Peak: Children’s Portrait

Here’s a glimpse into the process of a portrait that I’ve been commissioned to paint. I forget how much I love painting little kids. There’s something about all the hope and joy on their innocent faces that makes me feel good about the world.

This image shows the first three phases of the painting (it’s about 70% done).There’s still a bit more to do, but I wanted to share a bit of my process. This particular piece is acrylic on panel. I kind of love starting with really thin layers of paint. They bleed into the wood in a way that is reminiscent of watercolor. I’m gradually building up layers, trying to keep things glowy.

When someone brings me a favorite snapshot of their child for a portrait, my goal is to keep the likeness of the photo, but to also add something more. I suppose I’m trying harder to capture the essence or spirit of the child than to work photo-realistically. I take the same approach when painting someone’s pet. I want the patron to look at their painting and feel a real emotional connection to it.

If you’re interested in having a portrait painted, you can read more about pricing and see additional examples of my work here.