just a little variety, that’s all i ask

i love my apartment – lovely view of a park, well-kept building, easy-going management – all & all, not much to complain about… the only real problem is the general lack of sound proofing. the girl upstairs – sweet as pie, but walks like an elephant. however, this is nothing at all compared to what comes from below.

angry guy… this is for you. when i get home, i look forward to a little peace. since you’ve shown up, well, i don’t get that peace. instead, i hear your caustic bellowing as it makes its way through my floor boards. seriously, is it necessary to insert fuck into every single sentence? there have got to be other words to describe plumbing, and caulking, and walls, and the air, and every other noun that leaves your mouth.

please, get a slang dictionary, branch out a bit, because you’re becoming trite. that, and the overzealous frequency of your use of that particular word has made it about as emotive as the word “the.” or maybe try anger management, or perhaps some chamomile tea…


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