Herbert Found A House on a Hill

Herbert found a house on a hill.
The sun was setting, and he was getting a bit chilly.

So he climbed up the hill (which was a very big hill for such a little owl)
and knocked on the door.

It slowly creaked open and three ghosty faces appeared.

At first Herbert was a bit frightened, as he’d never met ghosts before,
but the littlest ghost told a funny joke and then invited Herbert in for some tea.

Our shivering little friend accepted, a little bit nervously. But after many cups of tea, a couple cookies, and many laughs, Herbert felt at home.

And after the rest of the world was tucked in bed, the spooky group went out for a bit. I would say walk, but we all know ghosts don’t walk!

And much much later, when the sun started to peak up from under the sea, Herbert was nestled into a cozy bed, for some much needed sleep.


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