I now pronounce myself done!

So I just finished the largest painting I’ve ever done (as a fine art piece… I’ve done big murals before). I’m pretty happy with the finished piece. Of course, I think photos never really do a painting justice (this could just be the fact that I’m not such a great photographer). The bottom is kind of in shadow… Measuring 5′ tall and 6′ across, it’s like a big sunny wall in my studio. I think it’s helped combat the depressing effects of the grey weather. I think I’ll have to keep this in mind when I move to Boston.


  1. Baroness Bijoutery January 26, 2010

    OMG…Your new piece is Stunning…I envy you your talent at painting…

  2. Baroness Bijoutery February 3, 2010

    Good evening, If you will stop by my Blog I have an Award there for you…

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