Little Seascapes


Well, hello there. Just a little update from my little corner of the world. I’m finally coming down a bit from the high of having sold seven of the eight seascapes I churned out for the show I had last month at 4th Street Fine Art (which is also where you can find my studio). The opening reception was really amazing for me, in that the work I was showing was work I felt deeply connected to. I enjoy all that I do artistically, but as described in my previous post, the ocean is a subject that has my heart.


There is something both exhilarating and terrifying about presenting work of a more personal nature for public scrutiny. You never know how people will react. One woman told me it was lovely to see ocean paintings that weren’t cliche. That was a relief to hear! It was really wonderful to see people respond so positively to my paintings.

I’m continuing to work on the series. I recently turned over these two little gems to STUDIO Gallery in San Francisco. They’ll be part of a show that runs from September 4 – September 22. A reception will be held September 8 from 2pm – 6pm.



I’m planning to tackle some more larger pieces in the near future. Stay tuned!