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For many, this month brings bittersweet feelings.

For those who are unhappily solo, it’s pretty easy to get a serious case of the lonelies, to feel like maybe you’re not worthy of love, or some other yucky feelings along those lines (side note to those who feel this way: unless you’re someone who delights in kicking puppies or making children cry, you deserve love). And honestly, the people who delight in the pain of others would probably do a lot better in the world if they had more love. But I digress….

So, we’ve got those who are lonely and are being constantly reminded that Valentines Day is almost here. I’ve been there. It’s craptastic. Here’s a list of movies you can watch to help you feel a little less sad about things (because many of those are super dark movies, truly).

And then we’ve got those in a couple (or thruple, or whatever romantic entanglement you call yours), who might not be aware that VALENTINES DAY IS ALMOST HERE. And the very thought of “what to buy that will show your loved-one that you actually put some thought into your gift and didn’t just stop off at the gas station on the way home from work to get some wilting carnations and stale chocolate” is suddenly to giving you nightmares.

Never fear, if you fall into either camp, or somewhere in between, I have a few odds and ends that might help you give the gift of warm fuzzies to yourself, or your loved one.

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P.S. Lastly, for those who fall into the camp of, “Valentines day is just a bunch of hoo-haw drummed up by Hallmark and I’m not going to get suckered into buying material things because…” (yeah, I’m talking to you, Carl), I hear ya! If you still want to make a needed gesture to share a little love with the world, maybe make a donation to an organization doing good things in your loved-ones name.

New Bird Art and a Tiny Robot

The Science of Love

If all of this love-talk baffles you, you might enjoy this series I started a few years ago. Each of these ladies is holding up the structural formula for different hormones associated with love.

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