Birds, Whales, and Balance

Hi and hello to you!

As we head into the third week of January, I’m having to acknowledge that I’m already failing at the one resolution I had for the year: living a more balanced life.

I’m a bit of a workaholic. And yeah, you might be thinking, “But Maggie, you get to paint all day! Isn’t that living the life?” This is where I get real with you: it’s not all paint splatters and doodles. Don’t get me wrong, I love the creative part of my work. The business stuff is less exciting and oddly more time consuming.

Long story short, I work some very long days. My yoga mat is dusty and giving me sad looks from the corner of my studio. Side note…do you think yoga mats are somewhat masochistic for wanting people to stand and downward dog all over them? Do yoga mats have feelings?  Aren’t yoga mats inanimate objects that don’t have feelings? Jeez, Maggie. Focus!

My question for you, dear reader: how bout you? Are you sticking to your resolutions? Or are you one of those people who has managed to tackle life without the need for the new year to focus? Do you have any magical suggestions for keeping balance in your life? I’d love to hear more about it.



The Latest Birds to Join the Flock

A New Wayward Whale in the Making

Wayward Whale painting by Maggie Hurley

“What’s happening with the Wayward Whales?” you ask?

Here’s what is currently on the easel. Still tinkering, but I’m hoping to be done with it this month.

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