Stop, thief!

Will and I went to New Zealand last year. We had lunch at this place with the most fantastic beer ever (it was flavored with ginger). At one point, Will left the table, and a brazen little sparrow swooped down to nibble on his lunch. I suppose I should have shooed him away, but I reached for a camera instead. I liked the picture so much, I decided to do a painting…

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  1. Jennifer September 12, 2007

    kinda reminds me of those big old vulture-y red eyed birds in new orleans (only, your little bird is cute, lol) went there a few years ago…and every time we were eating outside, they were just sitting there, STARING AT YOU! freaked me out!
    our chicago birds are much more polite 🙂
    i love your little birdie eating up the food…it’s too cute 😉

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