I'm taking the month of December off in remembrance of my mom. Orders placed on or after December 1st will be filled in January of 2023. Thank you for your understanding.

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Pet Portraits: A Sweet Cat and a Golden Retreiver

A couple recent commissions

Golden Retriever Pet Portrait

This was one of the more interesting commissions I’ve received. The recipient: a blind man.

This golden retriever was the faithful seeing eye dog for his whole life. When he passed, I was commissioned to make a portrait for his companion. I thought it might be odd to make a painting for someone who couldn’t see it, but the recipient lived in a communal house and everyone loved the dog.

I tried to add some texture to the painting that might give the blind man a way to experience it…I hope he enjoys it!

Kitty Cat Portrait Painting

Cat portrait painting

This sweet kitty loved to spend her time sunning herself in the grass. This is a tiny portrait measures just 6″ x 8″. Oil on panel.