Need a little break from the chaos of the world? You're in the right place! Take a moment to pause and rest your eyes on some smile-inducing art.


  • festival closeup

    Next Stop: The Cole Valley Fair, this Sunday, Sept 29

    Howdy, This coming Sunday, September 29th, I’ll be vending at the Cole Valley Fair in San Francisco at Cole...

  • New Owls

    New Owls Have Joined the Flock

    I’d been on a bit of a hiatus from bird paintings, but I’m starting up again. I’m happy to...

  • By-the-shore-web-m-hurley

    Little Seascapes

    Well, hello there. Just a little update from my little corner of the world. I’m finally coming down a...

  • maggiewave

    Me and the Sea

    I have this memory: I’m very young, maybe 3 or 4, and I’m in the ocean in my mom’s...

  • C-web

    Portrait Special

    Through the end of this month, I’m offering amazingly affordable portraits. For just $100, I’ll take a photo and...

  • Herbert Mingles With Meerkats

    Herbert Mingles With Meerkats

    On his latest trip, Herbert found himself in the company of some rather silly little creatures. They all liked...

  • Herbert-and-Raccoons

    Herbert the Owl, Raccoons, and Fireflies

    Herbert the Owl found himself atop a building in a colorful city. He scampered along until he ran into...

  • black-and-gold

    The Bay in Gold and Grey

    I’m really excited about the way this painting came out. Another from an Instagram shot. I tried to keep...

  • pink-moon

    Pink Moon

    So this was a tricky painting. I’m not entirely sure that I feel like I pulled it off. I...

  • Gold-hill

    Puffy Clouds

    Yesterday I needed a bit of a break from the real world, so I shut myself in my studio...