Puffy Clouds


Yesterday I needed a bit of a break from the real world, so I shut myself in my studio in my pjs and pushed paint around all day. I’ll share the results over the next few days, but what resulted were 3 very different seascapes based on Instagram photos I’ve taken.

A friend suggested I start a special section of my site where I do commissioned “Turn Your Instagram Photos Into  A Real Painting” paintings. I think it’s a good idea – but am wondering: I tend to take some license when working with photos (unless it’s a portrait). Will people be terribly disappointed if the painting doesn’t look EXACTLY like their photo? Something to consider, I suppose. At any rate, I’m including the photo I used as a source image for this one. I took a little more liberty than usual, but I wanted something a little lighter than the photo.

At any rate, enjoy!

Puffy Clouds - Photo