Nature Journaling – Birds of Thailand

Nature Journal Thailand

Hi and hello to you!

Last year, I had the pleasure of visiting Thailand. It was the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever been on. I sat on a beach and painted birds with my little gouache set for 6 days straight. My breaks from painting included floating around in a freakishly warm sea and enjoying a tropical drink or two.

I’d heard about nature journaling, but hadn’t really given any real time to it. Thailand was a great place to start!

I became known as the “girl with the camera” who was always staring up at the trees, waiting for signs of life. I’d scamper around, snapping away, and then transfer the images to my phone to paint from.

Setting up my temporary studio on a lounge chair under a giant fig tree while the tiniest waves whispered across the shore was the best part of my day.

bird art by Maggie Hurley. painting of an asian brown flycatcher

Asian-brown Flycatcher

Beach studio

Ah, to be back on that beach chair.

Now I’m back at my home studio…

I’ll be adding more nature journaling to my usual painting exploits.

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