Bird In A Box – A Subscription

Bird In A Box – A Subscription

I feel like every time I open the mailbox these days, I either find a heap of junk mail or bills bills bills. Boo to that. So I've decided to try a little something new to brighten up your mailbox: Bird In A Box!

Here's the Scoop:

Every month, you'll receive one of my sweet little birds at your doorstep. Aforementioned bird will arrive in the form of a 4" x 4" archival* print, mounted on a cradled wood panel, complete with a sawtooth, so it's ready to hang. Each print receives a UV coat (sunscreen for art) to prevent fading.

I'll be painting a new bird each month. Thinking you might not need a bird a month? Have no fear! These little guys make great gifts: for your parents, neighbors, a hostess, a baby shower... they're small enough to not be intrusive, yet sweet enough to pack a delightful punch.

For just $36 per month, you'll receive a cute little friend to brighten your walls.


See below for more information.


Some of My Past Little Birds

Hermit thrush bird art
Common Yellowthroat Bird Art
acorn woodpecker bird art painting
Indian Peacock bird painting
Portrait of great horned owl
mountain bluebird by maggie hurley
Barred Owl bird painting by maggie hurley
tree swallow bird art painting

The Nitty Gritty in the form of an FAQ:

What’s an archival print?

You know how you buy a poster at a flea market and a year later it’s turned kind of a blue color? Well, that’s an example of a not-so-archival print. My prints are made with a fancy kind of ink and paper that is rated to be fade-proof for decades. Meaning it will last for a long time (hence, archival) :).

When will my bird arrive?

Your little bird will be on its way to you 4-7 days after your payment goes through.

Do I get to select the birds?

Nope, it’s a surprise (that’s part of the fun, right?)! Part of what allows me to discount the subscription is being able to make these in a batch, so diverging from that isn’t in the cards.

I paint birds from all around the world – from the local coasts of Northern California to Japan to Costa Rica – you’ll receive a wide variety of feathered friends. Raptors, song birds, and more! If you the bird you receive doesn’t suit your fancy, perhaps there’s someone else in your life that would enjoy it.

Do I have to commit to the subscription for any length of time?

The minimum subscription is 3 months. Your account will be billed each month on the date you signed up. You can cancel anytime after that, no questions asked. That, or you can renew for as long as you like.

Are there any hidden fees?

California residents will be charged sales tax (keeping things on the up and up). Other thank that, nope! Shipping is included.

When will I be billed for the monthly recurring fee?

You will be automatically charged each month on the same day you started your subscription. Because subscription payments are processed via PayPal, you will need to create a PayPal account. Sorry! You’ll be billed each month on the same date for your subscription.

Have more questions?

Send me an email! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.